SCC Hearing on Jumbo Glacier Resort

For more than 18 years, the proponents of Jumbo Glacier Resort have respectfully and responsibly pursued an opportunity to bring to life a totally unique skiing and sightseeing experience in North America.

Through rigorous scientific evaluation of the safety and environmental impacts, and significant engagement and consultation with local community, especially First Nations, we believe that Jumbo Glacier Resort will have a very positive impact on the economy of the area, and for tourism as a destination for British Columbia as a whole.

On December 1st, 2016 the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the Ktunaxa First Nation’s appeal with respect to our Master Development Agreement granted by the Province of British Columbia. We now look forward to the SCC hearing on this matter and will make further comment when appropriate.


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Project Facts:

An equity employment plan emphasizing local residents and First Nations will be implemented. The project proponents are honoured to have won the support, guidance and the cooperation of the locally based Kinbasket-Shuswap First Nation who have an agreement to participate in a substantial way in the project, together with the local community. The project enjoys strong support from the Village of Radium and will be key to the growth of nearby Panorama Mountain Resort as a destination from the National Parks and for the international clientele.

An Economic Engine
Some $15-20 million a year in construction activity for a period of twenty years is expected until buildout. Approximately 3,750 person years of construction employment will be created. Direct spending by visitors in the nearby communities is expected to reach $4 million annually after three years of operation. Upon completion, the resort at build out is expected to provide 750 to 800 full-time jobs and a $20 million payroll. Taxes generated to all levels of government are estimated to exceed $12 million annually.

Grizzly Bears
The Jumbo Valley has seen a relatively heavy historic and present-day human presence. Of the 33 individual grizzlies identified from hair samples collected in the 1998 Grizzly Bear Population Survey in the Central Purcell Mountains, only 2 samples were found in the Jumbo Valley, compared with 31 in the other drainages. With mitigation measures, a near “no-net-impact” on the grizzly bear population may be achieved. These mitigation measures can be implemented without requiring any new restrictions on public access to nearby drainages.

Environmental Assessment
The project has been approved under the Environmental Assessment Act of the Province of B.C. It has undergone the most comprehensive environmental assessment process for a project of its kind in the history of the Province. Comprehensive environmental management plans have been developed and included as part of the approved Master Plan. Today’s technology, skills, experience and vision make it possible to plan a resort with minimal impact on the environment. The EA Office concluded that the project is “in the broad public interest.”

Featuring incredibly varied and expansive terrain, the resort’s high base area elevation will also ensure legendary top to bottom snow conditions throughout winter. Its high alpine elevation will provide the longest continuous vertical drop on 100% natural snow in North America — 1,715 metres (5,627 feet). The elevation, and four large glaciers — Farnham, Commander, Jumbo and Glacier Dome — also offer up to 700 metres (2,300 feet) of vertical available in summer on natural snow. This is unprecedented in North America. The skiable terrain in mid-summer is equivalent to what many regional ski resorts offer in mid-winter.

• Base: 1,700 metres (5,500 feet)
• Jumbo Glacier: 3,419 metres (11,217 feet)
• Glacier Dome: 3,000 metres (9,900 feet)

Skiable Terrain
• Controlled Recreation Area: 5,925 hectares
• Approximate area of marked ski runs and trails: 611 hectares
• Number of accessible glaciers: 4 (Glacier Dome, Jumbo Glacier, Commander Glacier, Farnham Glacier)

• Winter: 1,715 metres (5,627 feet)
• Summer: 700 metres (2,300 feet)

• Number of lifts at build-out: 20 – 23
• Average Skiers Per Day at build-out: 2,700