Province Creates Jumbo Glacier Resort Mountain Resort Municipality

VANCOUVER BC and INVERMERE BC – The Province of British Columbia announced today the creation of Letters Patent for the Mountain Resort Municipality of Jumbo Glacier Resort.

This was in fulfilment of the Regional District of East Kootenay’s (RDEK) repeated requests for the creation of a mountain resort municipality, beginning in 1996 with a unanimous vote and reaffirmed in 2009 and again on June 8, 2012 with a majority vote.

Jumbo Glacier Resort is the first entirely new ski resort project in British Columbia since Blackcomb opened in 1980 and is the first and only ski resort project to have received approval following a review under British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Act review process.

The Mountain Resort Municipality creates a local governance structure that is best suited to administer the construction and growth of the resort in accordance with its approved Master Plan. The previous local government having jurisdiction was the RDEK, which is located in Cranbrook, or approximately 187 kilometres from the project site.

The Jumbo Glacier Resort Mountain Resort Municipality will be the third in British Columbia after Whistler and Sun Peaks. Jumbo, however, will be the smallest of its kind. Its approved bed-base of 6,250 bed-units will be less than 1/10th of Whistler’s current bed base and significantly smaller than Sun Peaks’ 24,000 approved beds.

Jumbo Mountain and its glaciers will offer the first year round skiing and high-alpine glacier sightseeing destination in North America. It will have the highest mountain access by electric lift in Canada (3,415 meters or 11,204 feet), and will develop into a sustainable international tourism sightseeing destination to complement the best of Banff and Kootenay National Parks. Residents in the mountain communities in the Columbia Valley will benefit from a resort that will attract mountain lovers of the world.

The designers of the resort have participated in an unprecedented review process and an extensive local review that began with the East Kootenay land use determinations in the early 1990s and continued through the Environmental Assessment Act review and the Master Plan approval processes. They have sought to create a project that is compatible with the needs of the natural ecology, of the people who live in the area, and of the expectations of the destination skiing and sightseeing market.

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