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Some recent inquiries have come to us as a result of the propaganda movie called “Jumbo Wild” produced by Patagonia. The movie, unfortunately, does not consider several important facts about the project. Please take a minute to consider the following:

1. Did you know that the Jumbo Valley is not pristine? More than 85% of it has been harvested, the resort is centred on an old sawmill site, and a major mine (the Mineral King Mine) operated at the valley’s entrance for nearly 70 years?

2. Did you know the closest First Nation, the Shuswap Indian Band, located approximately 55km away from the project, has been consistently supportive of the project and has signed an Impact Management and Benefits Agreement? The Ktunaxa Nation, located approximately 188km away from the project, has been vociferously opposed.

3. The project’s review process began in 1991 and underwent a major Environmental Assessment Act review process that was completed and passed in 2007. Did you know that the Ktunaxa, who were involved in the review process since the beginning, did not bring the notion of the Grizzly Bear Spirit to the table until 2009 – when one elder recalled its existence? On this basis, the Ktunaxa have contested the project’s approval in the courts. They were denied by the Supreme Court of BC, whose ruling was upheld unanimously by the 3 judges of the BC Court of Appeal. The Ktunaxa appealed all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which also denied their appeal.

4. Did you know that Grizzly bear hunting is allowed in the project area? Since the project was first proposed over 70 Grizzly bears have been killed in the area for sport. The Ktunaxa support the Grizzly bear hunt and are involved in guide outfitting.

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